• Created Dec 12, 2007
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Newsvine Anti-Spam

A group to which articles of suspected spammers can be clipped, so that we can keep track of them and report them if necessary. more

This group is specifically for the clipping of articles/seeds found on Newsvine that are spam, advertising, self-seeding, SEO link-farming, for ease of reporting to staff and tracking.

Being a member of the Anti-Spam group does not give you free reign to be a dick.

Leaving an abusive comment on a spam seed is more likely to be seen by other Newsvine members than it is by the spammer. Especially when it comes to bot accounts.

As the bulk of the general population of Newsvine members wouldn't know spam if they fell over it, it's not a good look for them to stumble over what they see as one of our members being abusive when they don't understand why.

While we do get a tad rowdy on occasion, this isn't our default position.

If you have trouble determining the fine line between being a smartarse and being abusive, please err on the side of caution and assume that the person reading your comment isn't the spammer, but a human using the site as intended.

Please be aware that group members who are continually abusive will be removed from the group without warning. The behaviour may also be reported to admin.


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